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Young poet Malavika Jain introduces latest anthology of poems
January 8, 2015, 2:31 pm

Malavika Jain, daughter of the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain, and a junior at Lehigh University in the United States introduced her newly-published poetry collection ‘The Crenellated Expletive’, at an interactive panel discussion on 'Women Leadership' held at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) on Wednesday, 7 January.

The interactive event was attended by Eng. Sara Akbar, CEO of Kuwait Energy, Hind Al-Nahedh, CEO and media consultant of Social Media Club, professors from AUK and diplomats, in addition to Indian embassy officials and media personnel. Addressing the gathering and speaking about her inspiration for writing poetry, Ms. Jain said, “There was no inspiration; my poetry emanates from incidents that had a bearing on my life.”

She went on to reveal her fondness for poetry by adding that she had an interest in verse since childhood. “Starting out doing riddles, I eventually developed a talent for writing poetry. However, I began writing poetry with greater focus only when I was in Turkmenistan in my high school years,” said the young poet.

"At school, emphasis was placed on reading both poetry and prose as a part of the course schedule. I was writing a couplet, haiku or free verse almost every other day. It was from here that Ms. LeCroy, my English teacher, spotted the poetic talent in me and began circulating my works in school," she said.

"Though I have vague remembrances of reading Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Carl Sandburg, my best recollections are of Robert Frost and his 'Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening’," she said about the influences on her writing poetry books.

Malavika's first book, 'The Dove of Thunder’, was well-received by the public. Her second book, ‘The Crenellated Expletive’ is a product of her experiences at Lehigh. Saying that she would like people to pursue their dreams and passions after they read her book, she went on to add that ‘The Crenellated Expletive’ is dedicated to the deep-rooted relations between India and Kuwait.

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