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Young designer Sara Karami fuses vivid colors, flamboyant textiles ....
July 13, 2013, 11:17 am

Fashion in its truest sense reflects a woman’s environment, traditions, heritage and culture and in locales like Kuwait where dress codes are non-existent, designers draw fresh inspirations from its neighbors, the West as well as the Far East. Sara Karami, a designer enriched by her Indian and Iranian heritages, has been known for her bold colors, flowing materials, rich fabrics and innovative style earned her a following in Kuwait’s fashion market.  Sara Karami speaks to The Times.

Kindly tell us something about yourself

Sara: I was born and raised in Kuwait, my father is Iranian and mother is Indian. I am a qualified graphic designer. Two years back I realized that I could not stay behind my computer but the needed to interact with people and such urged me to engage in fashion. It’s been five years now since I started my very own label “Just Jazz Just Sara”.

How and when did your interest in fashion begin?

Sara: Five years ago I started mix matching textiles with inspirations from other designers and my knowledge and experience in graphic designing helped a lot. I have had series of exhibitions and fashion shows s well as invitations to showcase my creations.

What obstacles did you have to go through?

Sara: Not much really but the time element; I used to look at fashion based on what I thought look good but it took a while for me to adjust to local fashion influence.

How did the name “Just Jazz, Just Sara” come about?

Sara: It’s my mom’s recommendation; she suggested that a name has to describe me as a designer. Jazz is about music and expresses my love for it and Sara is my name, so it’s all about me really. The fashion label speaks about prolific matches of colors, no two items are identical and “Daraas” with heavy brocaded top are what the fashion label is.  

If you have to dress up a celebrity, who would it be?

Sara: I believe the local women of Kuwait since my designs are made for them in particular during the month of Ramadan. I am glad that they are satisfied and return to seek advices and choose my creations.

Where can interested clients view and purchase your creations?

Sara: For the month of Ramadan, my collections are available at Beit Al-Cedra located near Al;-Amiri Hospital. They can follow me in Facebook; Just Jazz Just Sara and Instagram: justjazzjustsara.

How do you want to be remembered as a designer?

Sara: I wanted to be remembered through my unique mix and match designs and rare textiles, which could not be found in ordinary places.  

Your message to your designers.

Sara: Follow your dream, make it your passion and don’t give up.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer
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