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YouTube adds an in-app messaging
August 20, 2017, 12:06 pm

You will now be able to share a video with friends and chat about it in a private thread within your YouTube app. The function works like Android’s default Messages app: when you share a video with a contact (or multiple contacts as a group), you can chat about it without leaving the app, rather than having to start a new email or text message thread. Users can also respond to a video share with, what else, another video by pressing the reel icon and searching for the right comeback.

The feature will be built in to YouTube’s share button, and will allow you to select from your phone’s contacts list. You can also get a direct link to share and add new friends to discuss the video with, if that’s your thing.

The feature, which was previously only available in Canada, is now rolling out to users globally. It is probably not going to replace the way you have shared videos with pals if you are already used to doing so via other apps, but it is a quicker option if you and your friends are often exchanging YouTube links and want a dedicated space to just talk about videos.



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