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YouTube: the popular teacher
October 1, 2014, 1:33 pm

YouTube is reshaping education although it is not just for kids. And it probably is not on most schools’ back to school curriculums. But educational content is surprising popular on the Google-owned property. YouTube is your kid’s after-school instructor — a tutor that is always available, does not dispense criticism or grades, and will deliver a lesson on just about anything you want.

Kids may not think of YouTube as education, but there is no doubt they are embracing it as a learning tool that is capable of teaching them topics that really matter to them. Interestingly, while YouTube’s funded channels effort from a few years yielded few breakout successes – two of the surviving channels from that initiative were education-oriented and both are thriving, according to data from the analytics firm OpenSlate.

One of those is SciShow. Founded by popular Web video creator Hank Green, SciShow is the top educational channel on YouTube in terms of consistent audience delivery, engagement, viewership and other factors tracked by OpenSlate. The channel, which covers everything from Astrophysics to Geology, averages 10.4 million views a month.

The other YouTube funded channel in the education top five ranking is CrashCourse, which is also backed by Mr. Green and his brother John. This channel averages 7.3 million views a month, posts clips ranging from Intro to Psychology to discussions of Iambic Pentameter and Romeo & Juliet.
Whatever happens with the other educational initiatives, YouTube makes one thing clear: Video is an essential ingredient of our educational future.


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