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Yoga and Zumba, perfect pitches for Friday workout
November 21, 2015, 12:10 pm

Members of the Gym Team were introduced for the first time to an extreme workout, a fusion of power packed Zumba and fitness yoga introduced by a triumvirate of highly competitive trainers and instructors; Helen Rahi, Stella Munch and Nawah Al Ali. The Gym Team, which gathers every Friday at the Chai Al Dhaha Ballroom of Viking Club of Radisson Blu hotel is attended by Filipinos in majority and other nationals.

Although limited in space, the fully packed ballroom managed to contain fifty two attendees to participate in the Friday session. Stella Munch, known for her creative and amusing routines provided not only entertaining moves but set of energetic workouts that included Zumba Belly Dancing. Helen Rahi complemented the workout with her high energy steps, which left every sweated yet screamed for more. The tone of the workout altered briefly when Yoga Master Kuwaiti Nawaf Al Ali took the stage to introduce and essence of using core muscles for balance and achieving a full relaxation after a cardo workout.

“I thank The Gym Team for bringing to us these different styles of approaches to fitness such as Yoga, I never knew till today that such discipline, one can benefit so much from. I hope that Gym Team considers making this work out an alternative class for us,” stated Mariz Carpio. The Gym Team also had its initial membership registration for those who may want to attend on regular basis the classes. Membership cards will be issued to everyone who registered and will be given the priority to attend the Friday classes.

Nonmembers will have to be invited by registered members in order to be able to attend. Registration is free. The final registration for members is scheduled on Friday and commencing December the Gym Team will only allow registered members to attend. Currently twenty instructors have signed up as mentors for the coming year 2016. The Gym Team wishes to thank the Viking Club of Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait for their generosity in allowing the use of its premises.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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