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Year 5 enjoy Victorian Day at BSK
February 11, 2017, 5:45 pm

The Year 5 students and staff members at The British School of Kuwait (BSK) travelled back in time to 1837 to experience what life was like at school for children living in Victorian times.

The Victorian Day came at the end of the children’s history topic and was the perfect way to immerse them in all aspects of Victorian schooling and provide them with a real life experience of what it would have been like for children during that era compared to now.

Queen Victoria was the second longest-reigning British monarch, ruling the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for 64 years. During her reign, rules and regulations were strict and had to be followed to the point. 

Children and pupils came in traditional Victorian dress and took part in a range of typical Victorian lessons and routines. They used chalk to write with instead of using pencil and pen and were all seated in rows facing the teacher. The children had a very strict Headmaster who visited the classes to check that their hands and nails were clean and also made sure their manners were acceptable. They addressed their teachers as ‘sir’ and ‘miss’ and were only allowed to speak when they were spoken to or asked to. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience but are very glad they attend school in 2017 and not 1837.

The Victorian day was the perfect opportunity for the boys and girls to become real historians. Throughout the day and in the lead up to the event they brought together lots of ideas and applied many cross-curricular skills.


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