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Yathra Kuwait provides assistance to Amnesty seekers
February 8, 2018, 12:13 pm

Yathra Kuwait, a Kerala Taxi Driver's Association in Kuwait, is providing free transport to Indians arriving at the Indian embassy, to avail of the amnesty granted to illegal residents by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior from 29 January to 22 February.

While expressing gratitude to Kuwait government for the humanitarian decision, Yathra Kuwait said that hundreds of taxis belonging to the association had been offering free transport services from the embassy to various destinations from 4 February.

Yathra Kuwait President, Anil, urged illegal Indian residents to use the amnesty period to rectify their residence status or leave the country without paying any fines. He pointed out that Yathra Kuwait is registered with the Indian Embassy and has been part of charity and welfare services for the past four years. The Association, he said, extended its sincere thanks to all those who are working to make the free transport service a great success.

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