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YIACO Medical Company is the First Pharmaceutical Distributor to Adopt New Salesworx System in Kuwait
June 14, 2016, 1:42 pm

In line with its new strategy and continuous initiatives to provide the best healthcare services in Kuwait, YIACO Medical Company, one of the leading healthcare networks in Kuwait, recently adopted new sales order automation system, Salesworx, operated exclusively and for the first time in Kuwait by a pharmaceutical distributor.

This system is designed for increased efficiency and productivity in distributing pharmaceutical goods to the pharmacies across Kuwait through the integrated chain of networks accessible through the system. Sales representatives can readily access the available stock information for any of the items requests which also provides detailed reports of purchasing history, which helps the representatives in determining the needs of each of the pharmacy’s customers. 

Commenting on the launch of this system, Dr. Mohammed Barham, COO of YIACO Medical Company said: “YIACO has earned its position as a leading network in Kuwait with a track record of more than 60 years, and we seek every opportunity to advance the healthcare sector and ensure the overall well-being of the community. This tactic of launching and implementing the Salesworx system in Kuwait goes in line with our corporate philosophy of continually providing patients in Kuwait with the best services as needed.”

The Salesworx system offers a number of advantages to the industry and the patients, where the system enhances and optimizes the ordering and delivery process to provide the needed pharmaceutical goods with easier access for patients.

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