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Wrong ways you're using your beautyblender
June 24, 2018, 2:41 pm

The Beautyblender is a hydrophilic, a fancy word that means it's designed to absorb water so there’s no room left in it to absorb your foundation, too. Moreover, it is also designed to re-blend and refresh makeup during the day. However, there are a few things you need to know before you run out and buy one.  Avoid these mistakes to keep you from getting mold, tears, or stains in your prized beauty tool.

You use the sponge dry: You didn't read the instructions, but the Beautyblender is supposed to be used wet. The damp surface gives you streak-free blending and a dewy finish. The best way to use the Beautyblender is when it is activated and damp and completely wet.

You only clean it once a week:  You should pour cleanser on your sponge after every use, meaning every day. Make sure to keep the plastic cylinder it comes in as a drying station.

You're scrubbing it too hard:  Your BeautyBlender can tear if you have super sharp nails or if you're pulling the ends too hard when you clean the sponge. Instead, use a gentle squeezing motion. While the sponge is soaking wet, pour the cleaner directly on any soiled spots. Use a pinching motion to distribute the cleanser in and out of the sponge. You can also roll the sponge between your palms. And no, you can't put them in the washing machine.

You're not soaking it:  For stubborn stains, you can also use a concoction of cleanser and water to soak your sponges overnight. If the spot still won't lift, you can pretreat your tool with a thinner oil (like baby oil) before cleansing.

You're not using it for skin care:  The Beautyblender is not a one-trick pony. You can use the damp applicator to apply your skin care products, too.  Also easy to apply are serums, sunscreen, and moisturizers because it's softer and free of dye.

You only use the Beautyblender with cream makeup:  Many makeup artists like to use it for applying setting powder in focused areas, like under the eyes. The great thing about using a damp sponge with powder is that you can really control where you're applying it while brushes are like brooms that sweep the powder around your face.

You use a wiping motion to apply your foundation: The Beauty Blender bounce is not a dance you need to learn; it's the perfect application technique for this egg-shaped sponge. It's very similar to the stippling motion you would use with a regular brush. What you're doing in that one bounce motion is depositing the makeup onto the skin, and then blending it at the same time. It also works to sculpt the face. Use the pointed end of the sponge to drag product with your contour cream. Then, use the larger end to bounce away any lines of demarcation.

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