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Writers’ Forum held monthly meeting
November 7, 2015, 4:22 pm

On the fine pleasant evening of 30 October, the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait held its monthly meeting at the residence of  Aamir Diwan.  S. Qamar Minto was the Chief Guest  while noted Urdu poet  Aamir Kidwai presided over the meeting which was conducted by the General secretary Tajwer Sultana.

There was a heart-warming discussion over the prose and poetry by the members of the Forum. During the story session, Ravin Singh read his story 209 in Hindi and created suspense among the listeners, while members were nostalgic when U.C. Sharma recited his Hindi poem Taar, on the topic of the dying culture of postal service in India.  Mr. Diwan and Mr. Sonsi also read their soul - stirring poem and verses in Hindi. Members also enjoyed listening to poetry in Urdu by Shajahan Jaffery, Sayed Nazar Kadapawi and Tajwer Sultana. Mohan Singh read a poem in English on behalf of his daughter Prameet Kaur during the poetry session.

Towards the end of the program Chief Guest S. Qamar Minto presented his view about the evening and recited his poem in Urdu. The president of the evening Aamir Kidwai appreciated the qualitative and creative participation of the members and recited his poetry in Urdu as a participant of the evening. Members extended their thanks to host of the evening Aamir Diwan for his hospitality.

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