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Writers’ forum bade adieu to Dr. Sethi and Mrs. Sethi
June 4, 2015, 5:03 pm

 Writers Forum, Kuwait dedicated an evening to bid farewell to Mrs. Gobind Rani Sethi and her husband Dr. Sarvan Kumar Sethi, a scientist and a professor in the Kuwait University on 29 May 2015 at the residence of Mrs. Tajwer Sultana. The couple decided to leave Kuwait for good and to settle in Vancouver close to their children.

Mrs. Gobind Rani has been an active member of the Writers’ Forum for last nine years. She is an established and well acclaimed Hindi poet and is particularly known for the use of simple language and metaphors in her poetry to deal with the complex subjects such as patriotism, abolition of Child Labour, unsatisfactory  social and economic conditions in Indian society. In her poetry, her zeal for the abolition of child labour and unsatisfactory social and economic condition of the labours  in India is deeply reflected in her book Kavita Kalash.

The evening was presided over by Umesh Sharma, President of the Forum and Dr. Sarvan Sethi was the chief guest. Tajwer Sultana, the General Secretary of the forum conducted the proceeding in an incredibly awesome manner. The program began with warm welcome and best wishes by members to Mrs. Sethi and Dr. Sethi for their future endeavors after which Dr Mirza Umer Beg, a well known story writer and previous President of the forum presented the plaque of honor to Mrs. Gobind Rani Sethi on the behalf of the Writers’ Forum. 

He stated that the Writers’ Forum is going to miss Mrs. Gobind Rani Sethi, as a member of integrity, simplicity and high stature. Mr. Syed Qamar Minto and Mr. Rajesh Verlerkar recited their poems written in  the honour of Mrs. Sethi. Other members expressed their mixed feelings of happiness and sadness on this occasion including Dr. Navniit Gandhi, Mr. Sunil Sonsi, Ms. Shahjahan Jaffery, Mr. Aamir Diwan, Mr. Aamir Kidwai, Mr. Aftab Alam, Mr. Afroz Alam, Ms. Humaira Roshi, Mr. Nazar Kadapawi, Mr. Shakeel Jamshedpuri, Mr. Kamal Ansari, Mr. Ravin Singh. As a matter of fact, the whole atmosphere was highly charged with emotions related to the departure of this endeared Sethi family.

Mrs. Gobind Rani extended her thanks to every member individually and expressed herself how close she feels to the forum. She also shared the story how she joined the forum which became a platform to inspire her to complete her first book Kavita Kalash.

Towards the conclusion of the program, the chief guest Dr. Sarvan K. Sethi presented his views about the Writers Forum. He said he learned more from the Writers Forum in his life than his academic and professional achievements. He emphasized that the power of pen is immense and urged the writers and poets of the forum to change the mind set of politicians and rich people in India for the socio-economic developments in India. He also mentioned his future plan of writing a book on his experiences in Kuwait.

Mr. Umesh Sharma in his presidential note, highlighted contributions made by Mrs. Sethi and appreciated her efforts of writing on child labour, farmers and other social issues. Mr. Sharma lauded the contribution of Dr. Sethi to the Forum by his presence in monthly meetings and other activities. He stated that Dr. Sethi reversed the common phrase 'Behind every successful man there is a woman'. Finally, Mr. Sharma asked all members of the Writers Forum to extend their cooperation and support to accomplish objectives outlined by the General Secretary, Mrs. Tajwer Sultana and thanked all the members for their active participation. A new member Mr. Dhiraj Sharma was welcomed to the Writers Forum on this occasion.

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