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World Environment Day at Bhavans
June 15, 2015, 4:35 pm

The celebration of the World Environment Day began in 1972, and it enables everyone to realize their mission of caring for the Earth and reminds all individuals of their ability to become agents of change. Remember that every action of an individual counts, and when it is multiplied by a global chorus, it becomes exponential in its impact.

Bhavan’s kindergarten of IES, Pearls and Jack & Jill celebrated the earth day on 4 June, 2015 in flamboyant manner. A special assembly, displaying varieties of practical ways of being in tune with our mother nature, was held by the Tiny-Tots. “Seven billion dreams….one planet …..consume with care”, were the slogans presented by the kids to promote the theme ‘’Save the earth.” The little ones of Pearls Nursery danced to the tunes of the song, ’the green grass grows all round and round’ and also planted seeds of herbal and flowering plants.

The World Environment Day is a big celebration, engaging millions across the globe through events such as clean-up campaigns, art exhibitions or even tree-planting events. As a drop in the ocean, the little ones were also encouraged to be a part of the celebrations and make use of the opportunity to share their ideas for making mother earth cleaner and greener. Every child, dressed in green, brought along a small plant, watered it, and placed it in the Kindergarten corridors, transforming the KG wing into an emerald green merry land.  It was indeed a green-fest for everyone who participated. 

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