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World Environment Day Celebrations at IES
June 8, 2014, 5:06 pm

The Earth and its inhabitants are facing an unprecedented situation with the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. More than a threat, global warming has become a reality. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) identifies 5 June as the World Environment Day. Every year a theme is chosen by UNEP to observe this day. The theme selected for 2014 was "Raise your voice and not the sea level."

Sensing the sensibilities, students of Indian Educational School, Kuwait (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) sprang into action to mark the World Environment Day majestically in all its intents and purposes on the 5 June. An assortment of activities was conducted under the aegis of the Social Science, Science and English Departments in collaboration with the Student Supreme Council of the school.

The World Environment Day wave swept all the classes in the on the 5 June. Right from kindergarten to senior secondary classes, an all-inclusive array of activities was organized by the environment-sensitive students and teachers of IES.

Tiny Tots Turn Green

The most joyous celebrants of the World Environment Day within the campus were the peppy kids of kindergarten. As part of the 'Go Green Celebrations' planned for the KG, the tiny tots staged a skit on the theme 'Save our Earth.' The children and the teachers attired in green added jollity and festivity to the day's events.

Special Assembly

The Primary Wing of IES organized a special morning assembly to convey the message 'Protect our Environment'. The young students emphasised on the importance of conserving nature for the generations to come. Speeches were delivered at the morning assembly to sensitize the children to the 'dangers of global warming and increasing carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.'

Literary Events

The English Department of IES propelled the students to actively take part in a slew of activities including versification, compare and contrast two poems on the theme 'nature', poster designing, and speeches on the theme 'Raise your voice and not the sea level.' 

The icing on the cake was indeed the activities planned by the Social Studies and Science Departments of IES such as 'Best out of Waste Competition', 'Slogan Writing', 'Earth Parade', and 'Beach Cleaning.'

Best out of Waste

Students of classes 5 and 6 took part in the 'Best out of Waste' competition and crafted an assortment of useful household gear and showpieces. The exhibition of these exhibits attracted a crowd comprising teachers, students and parents that were highly appreciative of the ingeniousness of the innovative children.

Slogan Writing

Students of grades 5-12 partook in the Slogan Writing Competition. The joint efforts of the students were displayed on the classroom doors in the form of colourful Bristol boards. The students combined art and literature to produce awe-inspiring charts with slogans like 'Modern technology owes an apology to ecology', 'Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will make us realize that we cannot eat money.' The competition was adjudged by the senior staff members. Prizes and certificates to the winners will be given away in the morning assembly next week.

Earth Parade

The 'earth parade' was another interesting activity that mesmerized the onlookers. Students of grades 7 and 8 paraded themselves in green outfits with flash cards bearing slogans befitting the occasion.

Grade 11 students joined the primary kids in the morning assembly. A special earth song was composed and presented by the music maniacs among the eleventh graders in the assembly. 'World Environment Day' thoughts were shared by the eleventh graders with all the Bhavanites in the morning assembly.

Beach Cleaning

Grade 12 students, dedicated to the cause of 'Conservation of Nature' volunteered to clean Shaab Beach. The students trashed several of plastic waste from the beach. They also spent the day hoeing the beach as well as its surrounding areas, leaving it spic and span for the evening beach-goers.

Waste Warriors

Another initiative taken by the students of IES was the launching of the club 'Waste Warriors.' The students have pledged to reduce the use and wastage of paper so that more and more trees can be saved from felling. Therefore, students have kept separate bins for paper waste so that the same can be segregated from other inorganic waste materials. The paper waste thus collected will be sent for recycling. In the last academic session also students had collected about 800 kg of paper waste and the same was sent for recycling.

Principal's Message

The events of the day were concluded in the afternoon. Principal Mr.T.Premkumar exhorted the students to pay heed to the UN call 'Raise Your Voice and Not the Sea Level'. He asked the students and teachers not to limit their 'conservation of nature' activities with the mere celebration of World Environment Day.

He asked them to be always a part of clean-up campaigns, recycling drives, walk-to-work days, plastic purges, tree planting drives, electricity saving campaigns, and even social media campaigns – every effort to mitigate the ill-effects of global warming and climate change. He reiterated that Bhavan has always strived to make a difference by sensitizing the young minds to the social and environmental problems and thereby fostering their social and environmental sensibilities. He added that Bhavan believes in the maxim 'refinement through education' and not in 'insular and blinkered methods of education.'​

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