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World’s fastest Cartoonist performs at IES
November 17, 2014, 1:35 pm

It was indeed a surprise for Bhavanities of classes 5 to 8. They got an opportunity to witness a wonderful caricature show by Adv. S.Jitesh, who is popularly known as Jitheshji, the world’s fastest performing cartoonist and the former Vice Chairman of Kerala Cartoon Academy. He has initiated and popularized 'Super-Speedy Cartooning’, and his session at the school left the students spellbound.

Jitheshji has the ability to use both his hands which allows him to sketch around 50 celebrities within a short span of five minutes. Upon witnessing the display of Jiteshji’s dexterity and smooth motions, students clapped enthusiastically.

Just before he began the  super-speedy cartooning show, Jiteshji said, “A good cartoon is better than a long speech.” As a Performing Cartoonist, he is known for his lightning sketches and eloquent speeches on stage. He began his speech with asking students about the significance of November 14, and instantaneously made the caricature of Pt.Nehru. Next, he wrote 1869 on the whiteboard and asked the crowd to guess, it was the birth year of our father of the nation, surprisingly he continued his strokes on the number, and that turned out to be Mahatma Gandhi. As he related the Chicago speech, the sketch turned out to be Swami Vivekananda. He recited verses from Gitanjali and drew the caricature of Nobel laureate Tagore in no time.

This all happened within a minute. The awe-stricken students acknowledged their admiration through thunderous applause.

He continued with the caricature of many famous personalities like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Dr.Manmohan Singh, Mr Narendra Modi, Barrack Obama, and Mother Teresa. Then he moved on to the film world. The crowd cheered while Jiteshji unveiled Surya, Big B Amitabh Bachchan,and Rajanikanth with his whiteboard marker. Next came the cartoon characters like Chhota bheem, Dora the explorer and Tom of the Tom and Jerry series.

The program came to an end when Jiteshji made the caricature of the principal of IES, Mr. T.Premkumar. The Principal thanked ARPAN team for giving this wonderful opportunity to the Bhavanities. He extolled the unique talent of Jiteshji and said that it was a matter of pride for Bhavans as Jiteshji chose Bhavan as the maiden venue for displaying his talents in Kuwait. The students rejoiced the caricature magic unraveled by Jiteshji. They bade adieu to Jiteshji with a resounding round of applause.

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