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Working place in collaboration with Shakeys launch cook-off competition
September 24, 2018, 11:34 am

Working Place in collaboration with Shakeys will launch a fun-filled cooking competition for amateurs on 7, 14, 21 and 28 of October from 7pm till 10pm at Shakeys restaurant in Salmiyah.

The contest is open only to individuals who love to cook but are not in any way related to food related job sectors.

Mechanics of the competition include three contestants who will compete each week and cook popular dishes from their respective provinces, in front of a live audience . The winner will qualify for the grand finals on the 28 October.

Three qualifying winners, who emerge from three weeks competition, will enter the grand finals where they will be prescribed dishes to cook. The dishes will be presented to the panel of judges who will decide on the third, second and first prize winners.

No registration fee is required. Buffet dinner is also available during the actual competition, invitations and reservations are now available at Shakeys.

Among the companies who have expressed interest in supporting the competition are: Pilates and More, Filcro, PhilAsmak, Aim Global, Starnet, Vistaland, CEE Network and Kapico Travels.

“This is a rare occasion when a non-chef or cook can showcase his or her talent in cooking, it will be an advantage to a competitor if he or she can present a dish with a twist, something unusual yet appetizing to the palate,” commented Rowena Tinio, host of the event.

- Ricky Laxa, Staff Writer

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