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Work mistakes to be wary of
March 9, 2014, 2:49 pm

Even the smartest and most capable person at work can make mistakes that could have serious implications on their career; here are a few:

Not understanding your boss’ priorities: If you are not in sync with the priorities of your boss, chances are your career may not go anywhere. For instance, you may be great in building relationships with customers, but if your boss is judging the success of your role exclusively by how quickly you process sales orders, you could end up falling short of that mark.

Giving up the first time you fail: If you’re going to advance in your career, you’re going to have to take on new challenges, and some of them will be tough. You might take failure at a new type of project or responsibility as a sign that you are not cut out to do it, instead of putting the energy and time to get better at it. You will have to work hard at doing well and develop more perseverance muscle.

Taking feedback badly: If you are accustomed to doing high-quality work and having it well-received, it can rattle you to receive criticism. But getting upset or defensive when you are told that your work could use improvement will make you appear less than professional, and it can prevent people giving you useful feedback in  future.

Underestimating relationships with co-workers: You do not have to be close friends with your co-workers, but asking about someone’s personal interests or problems can go a long way toward humanizing you. And that makes getting things done a little bit easier the next time you need last-minute help, candid feedback on a proposal or the inside scoop on how internal transfers really work.

Believing great work trumps general decency: Temper tantrums, alienating colleagues or neglecting workplace niceties for a while might work, but good workplaces will not put up with it for long. Good managers will not tolerate boorish behavior on their teams, even from top performers.

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