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Wonderful velvet
March 5, 2017, 5:15 pm

The velvet trend is rising on its sophistication and elegance. Now you can even experiment with new silhouettes, fabrics and prints in your skirts or shoes.  Anything — and everything — is fair game. All you got to do is find your scene-stealing ensemble in this lux fabric that is guaranteed to put all the style points in your corner. Here are some secrets to wearing velvet stylishly.

Do gravitate toward rich colors: Velvet is at its most fantastic in rich jewel hues. You may even go for lighter tones, they are chic as well, and certain bright colored pierces lends a fabulous edge to outwear. For example, a golden kimono will help you nail that relaxed vibe. Alternatively, embrace your fun side in a vibrant turquoise skirt that is fit for parties. Jewel hues like deep blues, emerald greens, bold reds, and amethyst purples are fantastic choices for skirts, rompers or maxi dresses.

For those who prefer it simple, black velvet is a classic shade, and is super flattering on a LBD.

Seek out smooth velvet that looks classy:  It’s easy to find daywear pieces in crushed velvet, but be wary that such designs don’t look cheap. Always go for smooth velvet in the best fabric that feels luxurious.

Velvet doesn’t need to be formal all the time:  Though suits and dresses are some of the most striking garment, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for a casual look. Who says comfort and luxury can’t be one and the same? Some captivating leggings or velvet dungarees are lazy girl-approved.  Style ‘em up however you like with an oversized fisherman sweater or sparkly loafers for a consistently on-point look.

Another fun clothing trend is a velvet jumpsuit you can dress down with a slouchy top and slip-on sandals to appear effortless.

Let it play well with others:  Velvet fashion can be hard to pair with other styles if you don’t know what to look for. In this case, juxtaposition is a striking way to go. To offset the femininity of a velvet maxi dress, pair it with a leather jacket or throw on classy velvet outwear over your more edgy pieces. Don’t underestimate the styling value of velvet when it comes to mixing different fabrics, prints and styles in your ensemble.

Velvet toppers will introduce flair:  Coats, jackets, and blazers are a great way to go if you want a dash of color or to spruce up a simple blouse and skirt.  It doesn’t get more chic than a velvet blazer that is guaranteed to turn heads, thrown over any outfit you own. Alternatively, step up your sartorial game in an instant with a pair of ultra luxe printed velvet duster coat that reads full-fledged fashion girl.

Wear velvet as an accessory:  Velvet accessories like bag, boots, shoes, chokers and such have been trending for a while, and now is the perfect time to introduce some accessory into your fashion-forward style. Wardrobe conundrums do not exist when you have a pair of lace-up booties in velvet in your possession. Alternatively, you can parade in a fantastic scarf or purse all around town with leather leggings or a lace dress with bell sleeves.


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