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Women using public transport
May 27, 2015, 11:03 am

Nine things women, traveling in public transport, should know before playing the blame game on others, especially on fellow male passengers.

Yes, women’s safety is one of the biggest issues, to deal with, and there is nobody who would not support it, men included. Women need to be empowered, no denying that. But certain things are plain wrong and unfair, even if it is a woman doing them.

It may be difficult being a woman, especially while taking the public transport, but the truth is, there are things women, too, do that make it a nightmare for everybody else, and specifically men around them. Here are nine things women, who take public transport, should know:

Rudeness is not the way: Despising all men because women are unsafe is just hateful. It is rude to give hostile glances to others and talk in an unnecessarily rude manner. Do not judge the whole lot on the basis of a few perverts.

Be civil: Do not break lines or queues as per your conveniences. It is wrong for a man to do that, and it is equally wrong for a woman to do the same. It is wrong to assume importance and preference over the other gender and justify breaking in and getting the ticket before the person who has been waiting for his turn for the past ten minutes. It is not empowerment, it is plain exploitation.

Do not make issues out of nothing: If a man accidentally touches you, it does not always mean he is trying to harass you. Public transports are crowded. There will be people standing on every inch of every space. Whether you like it or not, there will be some sort of physical contact and there is nothing a bus full of people can do about it.

Use deodorants: Women, too, stink just as much as us men, sometimes even more. Accept this, do not subject the world to it and spare fellow passengers the horror of blistered nostrils.

Do not fight for seats: A lot of women, on public transport, demand general seats. While some men may give away their seats out of respect or chivalry but it does not imply that those who do not, are being disrespectful towards you.

Women do not, always, need it any more than the person already sitting. There are reserved seats in all public transports and in case they are already occupied by women, well then, bad luck. You could stand and travel too. Do not make it look like a woman not getting to sit is a shame on society.

Keep your hair to yourself: A lot of women have long hair and it can get very annoying when they get in fellow passengers' faces, clothes and everywhere, especially, when the transport is already crowded.

Please make sure you are not causing anyone inconvenience before pointing at someone else (most probably a man). At least tie them up. Same goes for men with long hair. Nobody wants to be gagged with some stranger’s hair on their way to work or home

Be courteous: It would be nice to see women offer their priced (reserved) seat for someone who actually needs it more than them, maybe to the young guy who is not feeling well or the old man who is finding it hard to stand in the crowd, at least sometimes. Do not take your obsession for a seat in public transport to an insensitive level.

Skip the victim card: Not all but many women cause nuisance and play the victim card. There are women who are too cool to grab onto a handle or a pole and prefer to sway from one end to the other, stumbling against people, ‘accidentally’ stepping on other's feet and creating a ruckus. Hold yourself, lady. Stop falling on people. The main reason this is a big issue is because the moment a man does something similar, he is labeled a pervert.

Compromise is uncomfortable for all: It is strange how the same woman who wants a personal space bubble, of at least a meter even in a jam-packed bus, would request (or even order) people to ‘adjust’ her and fit herself into that little space, making a dozen other people uncomfortable in the process.

We are all for feminism and women empowerment, let us uplift women but not at the cost of putting men down. What is wrong, is wrong.  



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