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Women still way behind on pay, career and help
May 3, 2015, 10:20 pm

A United Nations report titled ‘Progress of the World's Women’  has found thatwomen worldwide earn only three-quarters of what male workers are paid, while they do almost two and half times the amount of housework.

Calling for a major shakeup in global economic and social policy, the UN report notes that women in South Asia experience the biggest pay gap, with an average of 33 percent, while women in the Middle East and North Africa experience the smallest, with an average of 14 percent. The report also finds that Finland, Mongolia and Australia aresome of the countries where the pay gap widened between 2000 and 2010.

The UN report says that despite progress on women's rights over the past two decades, the current situation is not acceptable or understandable.

Pointing out that female labor force participation has ‘stagnated’ since 1990, the report notes during the last twenty-five years the number of women overall in the paid workforce has dropped from 52 to 50 percent.

The reportalso adds that though women make up55 percent of sales positions and 63 percent of all clerical and support positions, only 33 percent of managerial positions are held by women.

Among other highlights in the UN report on women are the following:
When it comes to housework, women do almost two and a half times as much unpaid-care and domestic work as men

If paid and unpaid work is combined, women in almost all countrieswork longer hours than men each day.

Just eight percent of working women in developing countries with a child under six have either childcare or domestic help that is not a family member to look after their children.

The UN report suggests a wide range of solutions, from making maternity and paternity leave available to all workers, to quotas and targets for women in male-dominated industries and encouraging girls to study math, science and engineering.

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