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Women continue to suffer domestic violence
May 23, 2018, 9:23 am

In the wake of the developed nations racing toward empowering women to participate fully in society by granting them legal rights to curb male domination in all aspects of their life, many women in our society continue to suffer the pain of domestic violence contrary to our customs, tradition and edicts of Islam, reports Al-Rai daily.

The quoting sources noted at least 70 women from different nationalities living in the country are subjected to various forms of abuse.

Those women have become victims of ignorance and abuse inside their houses, and every so often, fall easy prey to further abuse when they decide to escape from the injustice to the street. The youngest girl in the news to go through domestic violence in Kuwait is 14 years old, and she tried to commit suicide due to abuses she endured at the hands of the father.

Another sad case is of a 17-year old girl who escaped from home and was forced to live in a public garden where she spent three days out of sight. As the cruelty of domestic violence deepens, ETHAR initiative seeks to protect women against domestic violence and all forms of violence by providing them shelter and security.


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