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Women and Family Affairs panel approves 3 proposals
June 13, 2017, 10:05 am

The Women and Family Affairs Committee in the National Assembly approved three proposals on Monday – obligating those planning to get married to undergo medical examination before the wedding, participate in a two-week training course and submit criminal case sheet.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, committee member MP Khalid Al-Shatti disclosed he voted against the three proposals as they contravene the Constitution and Islamic Shariah.

He argued all Islamic sects do not stipulate completion of the training course as a condition for marriage. Instead, he suggested recommending the training course to interested couples rather than making it compulsory prior to marriage.

He went on to say the would-be-married couples have the right to look into their criminal case sheets but the document should not be a requirement for marriage. He asserted the family should be informed about details of the criminal situation without obtaining the document.

He clarified these three proposals are good and legitimate, but the constitutional and doctrinal issues must be taken into consideration.

Moreover, the Public Funds Protection Committee held its 27th meeting on Monday to start investigating the alleged irregularities in the Ministry of Information. Committee Chairman MP Shuaib Al- Muwaizri revealed some top officials in the ministry and representatives of State Audit Bureau were summoned to look into the financial and administrative irregularities mentioned in the interpellation of the former information minister on Jan 31, 2017. He affirmed the committee’s report on the investigation will be ready before the next legislative round.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly Office met Monday under the chairmanship of Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim. Priorities Committee Chairman MP Thamir Al-Suwait confirmed the panel has been instructed to write to all committees urging them to take advantage of the parliamentary recess to prepare their priorities for the next legislative round.

Al-Suwait added the committee also deliberated on administrative issues in the Secretariat-General of the Assembly and the incoming letters.

On another issue, MP Mohammed al-Hawailah presented a proposal on developing and modernizing land borders. He recommended provision of modern technology and advanced equipment like those being used by developed countries to detect contraband such as weapons, minerals, drugs, liquor, chemicals and other dangerous items, as well as counterfeit currency detectors to facilitate the entry and exit procedures for travelers, and surveillance cameras to monitor violations and ensure the safety of travelers. He also proposed establishment of public facilities including mosques, waiting halls, health units, restaurants, cooperative societies, fuel stations, rest areas and day hotels for people passing through the borders.

He suggested as well the establishment of central laboratories along the borders and ports by competent authorities in the Ministry of Health and Kuwait Municipality. He said these laboratories must be manned by experts, along with the supply of devices and equipment for the inspection of imported goods and consumables to verify their validity before allowing entry into the country.

Source: Arab Times

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