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Woman wins ice-cream money in alimony
August 9, 2013, 1:53 am


A south Mumbai stock broker has agreed to pay for his estranged wife's ice-cream supply, among a long list of other things, as part of maintenance.
The Gujarati couple married for 23 years had a debate in the family court over the money the man spent on the woman's fetish for ice-cream. At the end of it, he agreed to pay her Rs 150 per month for the frozen delicacy.
On July 30, principal judge Laxmi Rao ordered the stock broker to pay Rs 85,000 as interim maintenance.
In her divorce petition filed in 2011, the woman in her 40s demanded Rs 1 lakh as interim maintenance, apart from a 2-BHK flat in the upmarket Nariman Point, Rs 75,000 a month and a separate amount for their son and daughter.
To support her claim that the man was a "multi-millionaire", she said he was once invited for dinner by Warren Buffett at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. She said his monthly income exceeded Rs 6 lakh, a claim the man challenged
The stock broker claimed his estranged wife was a compulsive shopper who abused his credit cards. He said she and their son exhausted his savings. He claimed the woman owned a house in Ahmedabad but was adamant on staying in Mumbai. She also allegedly refused to rent out the Ahmedabad pad.
Mumbai family court Judge Rao took this into account but ordered the businessman to pay Rs 25,000 a month to the woman, Rs 10,000 to their children and Rs 50,000 for house rent.
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