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Woman gets 4 years for killing her mother
August 1, 2018, 8:42 am

The Court of Appeals sentenced a woman to four years in prison with hard labor over the allegation of murdering her mother after the Public Prosecution Department demanded a death sentence be passed on her. 

The Prosecution charged the woman for killing her mother deliberately by hitting and kicking the deceased many times until she breathed her last, and medical report affirmed the mother died of injuries sustained from the battery. 

The duo had a hot exchange of words after the mother told the daughter she was a product of an illicit affair she had in 1977, indicating the father was not the man she knew as her father. She explained the extra-marital affair started in Lebanon and continued upon their return to Kuwait. 

This sparked the anger of the daughter who sniffed the life out of her mother in the process. Lawyer Tareq Al-Khars defending the mother urged the court that charges against his client be amended to manslaughter, because the mother died due to physical attack rather than premeditated murder. He pleaded mercy, saying his client did not mean to kill her mother.

Source: Arab Times

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