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Winter beauty regimen
December 15, 2013, 12:35 pm

Transitioning to cold weather is an undertaking that encompasses changes to different aspects of your lifestyle. To ensure your winter style comes together you also need to make sure to avoid these common beauty pitfalls.

Letting static get the best of your hair: Static tresses are an all too common in winter. Fight high-flying hair by keeping your mane properly moisturized. In a pinch, smooth a little hand cream over your strands, or be prepared and take dryers sheets with you on the go. One pass through your hair with a dryer sheet will eliminate all of that static electricity.

Spending too much time in that hot shower: We know thought of a hot shower is what gets you out of bed on dreary winter morning, but once in the shower remember to keep it short and sweet. Soaking up the hot water can suck all of the moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving you with that dreaded winter dryness.

Sticking with the summer bronzer: Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for adding warmth to the face, just do it with a flattering shade of blush and let the glow come from your favorite luminizer. If you can’t part with the bronzer, at least switch to a shade softer than your go-to from July.

Ditching the waterproof mascara: Remember not to remove your waterproof mascara from rotation, that rather intense winter wind can do a number on your mascara application. To avoid leaving the house with lashes you love and losing the lushness, stick with a waterproof formula.

Moistening lips the wrong way:  You want to avoid licking or choosing a bland cream or ointment to moisten your lips in winter.  If the lip ointment you use has too many ingredients, it can cause an unnoticeable irritation that actually results in dry, irritated lips, making you feel that you need to apply more balm, which then makes your condition worse.

Upgrade your moisturizer: For a winter skin care regimen you need to choose a richer face cream for night, and if your skin is particularly dry, you may need something with a little more moisture for daytime as well. Just be sure you’re not sacrificing SPF for hydration. The sun’s rays are peeking through even on the dullest of winter days.

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