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Winter Fun with Fantasy World Toys
December 1, 2015, 1:11 pm

Children need to play outside every day, even in winter. Being active outside allows children to work off extra energy, it's a great excuse to gather everyone in your neighborhood and get some fresh air and exercise. With a little planning and preparation, you can have just as much fun this winter as you can during the summer, and there are plenty of ways to make sure children stay safe and healthy outside. 

To assist parents this season for their kids winter fun, Fantasy World Toys has lined up an exciting range of upbeat and hi-tech toys from their Outdoors and Sports section that is sure to keep their kids interested in outdoor activities. The Nine Bot, an intelligent and high-tech transportation tool, is changing the face of transportation. With its futuristic design and high quality finishing, you can easily say goodbye to the crowds and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of being outdoors.

The German manufactured Berg Grand Tour off Road is the perfect recreation ride for kids and the family while heading out to camping sites.

For the younger ones, the AXI wooden playhouse has an eye-catching design, giving free reign to your child's imagination and helps in active play. And for the more sportive, the Hudroa skateboard with its sleek finishing and solid built turns children into the heroes of the skate park.

The Outdoor and Sports section in Fantasy World hosts some of the best options that contribute to your child’s increased physical activity and promotes better health. The exciting products are exclusively available in Fantasy World Toys located in The Avenues, Al Rai, Souq Sharq and Bustan Mall in Salmiah.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), children should get 60 minutes of exercise every day, and outdoor playtime during this season can be more beneficial as winters provide new challenges for children to overcome, both physically and cognitively.

Research states that outdoor exercise during the cold season strengthens the immune system by allowing your child an escape from indoor germs and bacteria and helps form a resistance to allergies. Muscles are used more and this helps with motor development. Also, an increase in physical activity helps promote a better sleep cycle which leads to children growing stronger and maintaining a healthy body weight. Sun exposure is an important source of vitamin D, especially for children, since very few foods contain it naturally. The amount of sunlight children are exposed to and the amount of vitamin D they absorb can have a large impact on their mood.



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