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Winners felicitated at CRYchess 2018
June 10, 2018, 1:16 pm

The FOCC (Friends of CRY Club, Kuwait) organized its CRYchess 2018 on 11 May at the Gulf Indian School, Fahaheel. The event was sponsored by Talal & Lulwa Education Fund, which is supported by Dr. Hind Albahar. The CRYchess tournament is open to all school-going children in Kuwait, with no minimum age limit. The total number of participants was 165, with the youngest player this year being 5-year old Nitesh Vidyasagar. The Kid’s Corner displayed exciting games and gifts, and the Buy for Cry stalls kept the children busy between the rounds. Both the stalls were entirely run by the ‘CRYbuddies’, which consisted of volunteer children. The Amma Kitchen offered delicious meals and snacks.

All the participating children were placed in one of the 6 groups, based purely in the descending order of their age - maximum 32 children in each group. The names of the participants in each group were entered in a Swiss-Pairing software, where the first round pairing is done by the software in a random order. In every subsequent round, they are paired based on their ranking. Each participant plays all the five rounds. After the 5th round, only one person would be in 1st rank, provided he has won all the 5 rounds. In case of no one winning all the 5 rounds, children are listed in the order of their round wise wins. Depending on the ratings of the opponents defeated, the software gives a clear ranking to all players. This is NOT a knockout system. Thus even after losing any one game, a child could still hope to be a winner in his group, based on the ranking. There were 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies won in each group.

The winners in each group were (in the order – first, second and third place): White Opal Group (youngest) : Rose Sanju Thomas, Ashwanth Saravanan and Aahanashree Ramakrishnan; Yellow Citrine Group : Alen Shinu, Chenul Methsuka Ranasinghe and Dhaanu Balan P.V., Blue Sapphire Group : Maheshwar Sibi, Rosanraj Balamurugan and Aaron Sanju Thomas; Red Ruby Group : Krishna Green Emerald Group : Chaitanya Koduri, Ditto Ben Joseph and Swastik Goth; : Daniel Liang Mohan, Aman Mansoori and Akshat Jain; Violet Amethyst Group (senior-most) : Ebin Shibu Nanthalathu, Karthik Thomas Mathew and Allen Thomas Molekunnel.

All the participants were awarded a medal and a certificate. The round-wise results for all groups and the event pictures are published on the website 

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