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Wings of Mexico swoop down on Modern Art Museum
December 10, 2017, 2:24 pm

"Artistic expression is the liberty to speak 100 different tongues with only one language." Jorge Marín. The monumental sculpture, ‘Wings of Mexico’, created by world renowned Mexican figurative artist Jorge Marin is currently hosted at the Modern Art Museum in Kuwait City. Standing at a height of around four meters, the iconic sculpture symbolizes human quest for freedom and encompasses the spirit of openness and friendship, which transcends borders, cultures and religions.

Unveiling the sculpture on 5 December, the Ambassador of Mexico to Kuwait H.E. Miguel Ángel Isidro honored the artist by showering well-deserved praise on his works. “Jorge Marin is one of the greatest representatives of Mexican figurative art. Throughout his career, his creative labor approached different artistic disciplines and materials, such as ceramic and resin, before deciding to adopt bronze as his medium of creative expression. He has turned bronze into a distinctive sign of his art and it is an unsurpassed choice, as it gives his works the perfect detail of live matter,” said the ambassador with evident pride in his fellow countryman’s remarkable achievements.

“Marín has dabbled into different sculptural dimensions spanning from miniatures to monumental pieces, which have taken over public spaces in Mexico and abroad. His works have generated a dynamic dialogue between artwork and spectator, as a part of a ludic and spontaneous game. When presented in public spaces, the integration of the Wings with its surroundings is a good example of this interactivity,” added Ambassador Isidro.

With a strong focus on taking art into the public space, Jorge Marin believes that it helps foster social regeneration and nurtures the understanding of the city as fundamental human space. Influenced by the age of social media, the freestanding wings invite audiences to become part of the art; to pose with them and take a picture while letting their imagination feel the freedom of flying.

Wings of Mexico has captivated the imagination of people in every place that it has been exhibited, and sculpture's original location, at the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, remains one of the most photographed spots in Mexico. 

During a career spanning over 25 years the prodigious artist has participated in more than 260 collective and individual exhibitions around the world.  Kuwait’s Museum of Modern Art is the second venue in the Middle-East, after Egypt, to host the artist’s work.

“I believe that wings are a very universal symbol, and that is why it is well received all over the world,” said Marín while talking to the media at the exhibition in Kuwait. The 'Wings of Mexico', organized by the Embassy of Mexico in collaboration with Kuwait's National Council for Culture Arts and Letters, is slated to remain at the Modern Art Museum until March 2018.




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