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Windows 10 to link Android phone to a PC
August 20, 2017, 12:04 pm
After revealing plans earlier this year to bring Android and iPhone phones closer to Windows 10, Microsoft has now launched features that appear to bring those plans to reality. However, those features are currently available only to a few select public testers.
In a new Windows 10 preview (build 16251) released last week, Android users will be able to test a new ‘Microsoft Apps’ application that links a phone to a PC. Microsoft has not revealed when iPhone users will be able to test similar functionality, so it is Android only for now.
The link will enable new cross-device features, including the ability to share a link from a mobile directly to a Windows 10 PC. It is the first of many features Microsoft is planning to closely align Android and iOS to Windows 10, and in the future the company will also allow apps to directly share contents to and from PCs, alongside the ability to copy and paste content from a universal clipboard.
Alongside these new phone features, Microsoft is also enhancing Cortana in this latest Windows 10 preview. You will be able to view Cortana results within the digital assistant, and without having to launch a web browser. This works with movies, stock prices, weather, flight status, and other searches that have quick answers. Cortana will also now support “Hey Cortana, restart PC” or shutdown, lock, or simply sign out.
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