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Windows 10 gets more secure, easier to use
August 16, 2016, 5:14 pm

Last week, Microsoft rolled out its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The free update includes two security innovations for individual customers: Windows Hello for apps and websites; and Windows Defender. Microsoft is believed to have done a very creditable and admirable job of paying attention to security in Windows 10.

Now they are apparently trying to make it much more usable. The Anniversary Update extends the Windows Hello biometric authentication feature in the browser using FIDO, and enables passwordfree access to apps such as Dropbox. The Anniversary Update also offers smartphone syncing using the Cortana apps on iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows Ink, which lets users perform a number of tasks with a digital pen, is included in the update, with key apps having Ink-specific features. With the update, the Cortana personal digital assistant now appears above the lockscreen, so it can be used without having to unlock the device. Also, the Microsoft Edge browser includes more power-saving improvements and various Edge Extensions such as Pinterest's ‘Pin It’ button and AdBlock, as well as improved visual presentation of Web pages in high contrast mode.

The update also streamlines completion of online forms. Gamers will be able to stay connected with friends on Xbox Live and enjoy more games across their devices with the Anniversary Update. They will also be able to use Cortana commands on Xbox One, and be able to select any supported language regardless of their location. Finally, the Anniversary Update will simplify PC deployment, so teachers can set up devices without requiring dedicated IT support. Schools with IT support can set up shared devices in bulk, rapidly using the updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool.

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