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When your resume looks like a story book
December 13, 2015, 10:40 am

It could be difficult to find how just how much balance is needed to prepare a flawless resume. Sometimes the information we think is crucial, can just be some extra junk that leaves your recruiter prodding over just how much junk he has to go though to get to the real facts. With nearly 99% of recruiters having shorter attention spans today, it is important to get to the point. You do not want your resume to look like a blog with reams of useless information but at the same time you also want it to include all the vital information that demonstrates just how worthy you could be to their organization. Resume is not a news article that you can cut down just for the sake of word count. It has to be carefully shortened to make sure that it says what it has to say.

For starters, make sure your resume includes pertinent information. For a hiring manager, this is the first area of a candidate’s resume that one looks at. It shows if the work history of the candidate.  Most hiring managers look for long-term employees because they provide a form of stability. Some resumes provide short job tenures. While these are not bad in themselves, without an explanation, the worst is assumed. Recruiters generally tend to skip through these. So if you have short job tenures, it is better to explain or simply skip it from your resume.

If you opt for explaining, there are many satisfactory explanations that you can provide. They just need to be noted for busy hiring managers to quickly and easily see them. The past few years has increased the number of downsizings, closings, and mergers, all of which have resulted in many layoffs. Similarly, some positions are, by nature, contract- and project-oriented. These roles will result in job changes every six months or so, but not because you are an unsteady or troubled employee. Furthermore, there are also those younger adults who have been working internships to try and gain experience in various careers. In today’s new economy, there are also those part-time and stopgap positions that employees need to bridge the gap between permanent, full-time positions.

It is important to know that multiple short term positions is not the end of the world. You should take time to provide the explanation. Your explanation needs to be no more than a few words under the job title, such as “contract position,” “internship,” “temporary work,” “layoff” or whatever the situation was.


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