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Whatsapp becomes paid-service for businesses
August 5, 2018, 12:05 pm

In an apparent bid to shore up the company’s slowing growth and falling revenues, Facebook’s flagship messenger service, Whatsapp, announced last week that it would start charging businesses for sending marketing and customer service messages. 

The messages will be charged at a fixed rate for confirmed delivery, ranging from 0.5 US cents to 9 US cents per message depending on the country, WhatsApp said.

Facebook has been looking at ways to monetize its WhatsApp service in the face of rising costs, even as it spends heavily to improve privacy safeguards and tackles concerns about social media addiction.

WhatsApp, which has around 1.5 billion users worldwide, said starting Wednesday businesses can use its WhatsApp Business API to send notifications such as shipping confirmations, appointment reminders and event tickets.

WhatsApp acknowledged that it is charging a premium compared to SMS rates in the United States, where wireless carriers typically charge businesses well below a cent per SMS, and the price is still close to a penny when including fees collected by intermediaries between carriers and businesses.

WhatsApp had announced in January it would start allowing small business accounts to communicate through the WhatsApp Business application, which has over 3 million active users. At that time, Whatsapp’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Idema had hinted at plans to start charging businesses in the future.

Facebook also said on Wednesday that users on its namesake app and Instagram can now see the amount of time they spend on the app each day and receive notifications when they exceed a self-prescribed threshold. Users also can mute notifications from the apps for up to eight hours.



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