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What to do when you lose drive to learn more
May 11, 2015, 4:29 pm

You might be very quick at learning skills, solving a problem by breaking it down, do well with your work assignments, and even might start working on side projects, yet, often the steep learning curve starts cutting into the ropes of your motivation. Over the time, you start getting restless and bored while cruising through the project, but at the same time feeling stagnated.

Although, you want to do something but by this point, you are afraid that either you will pick up a project which is too hard, or something which is too simple. Its side effects include procrastinating, for weeks and months, about finding a new project. At the end, you do not feel like learning anything.

At such times, introduce yourself to the concept of 'flow'. Even if you pick a good project, you should make sure it has a practical use, and also make sure it is something that engages you. 

Here are some examples:

FOR TECHNICAL BUFFS – If you are planning to learn programming in Python, instead of going through a book, take up some project and code it in python, like program a Poker game.

IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU LEARN – If you are planning to read a research topic, make a goal that you would implement it in the end. The fact that you have to implement the stuff you are reading, will keep you attentive and interested while reading.

PRO TIP – Sometimes to get back into learning curve, pick up a one day project for weekend. Try to learn about a given problem/task on that day as much as you can. This might help you to get back on the learning track.

CLASSIC PRO TIP – Tell people who care about you (and your success) that you have taken up a new project. They will ask you how it is going and you will better keep a check on yourself to be able to report any progress when they ask.

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