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What is an Oval?
August 9, 2015, 2:56 pm

Creators Ravid Goldschmidt's and  Álex Posada's, next generation percussive musical instrument, the Oval, is an electronic instrument inspired by the Hang

The Oval is, both, an electronic musical instrument and an open-hardware music controller, linked to an app for iOS. It allows you to manipulate the instrument, change its sounds and programs. It is also designed to be a tool for music education, sharing compositions and performing live.
Here’s a demo of the Hang in action.

While the video demos the Oval being used to control traditional Hang sounds, it opens up the performance possibilities of using it to play different sounds, different scales and – since it is open hardware – even different software.

Since it works via an app for, both, tablet and Smartphone, instruments and scales can be easily changed, as well as your own sounds can be uploaded to add special effects. It is a Bluetooth and MIDI compliant USB-device with a high capacity rechargeable battery. Its pads are sensitive depressors and the LEDs allow you to learn, create, music. It is an instrument created by musicians and for musicians, both, beginners and professional. Technical and spiritual at the same time.

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