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Wearing the right bright blush
February 10, 2014, 2:55 pm

While there are plenty of ways to add color to your routine to make a statement, the current favorite is a bright blush. Here are some ways to wear this trend.

Choose the right hue: Choose a bright blush that is within the same color family as the shade you’d turn after a heavy workout. For those with a dark skin tone, brighten and accentuate your face shape with highly pigmented blush colors. Apply magenta or apricot blush to your cheeks and blend along your cheekbones.  For a night on the town, play up your dark skin with an orange or hot pink blush. You can look your best by dabbing a tinted balm along cheekbones for a healthy glow.

Go easy with the application: For the majority of face shapes, bright blush should be applied just to the apples of the cheeks and blended well. Try applying the pop of color a little higher up on the apple, but never apply a bright blush along the cheekbone, sweeping towards the hairline. Instead you need to finish off the look with luminizer to highlight the top of the cheekbones and brow bones.

Keep it simple: For a daytime look, a couple swipes of mascara and a little under eye concealer can complete the look. Lips can remain neutral with a sheer tinted lip balm. Or go for Nude lips with just a hint of color. Apply a creamy pink-beige lipstick with a brush so that you can get into every corner and edge, and really maximize the size of your lips.
For nighttime, a light reflecting sheer shadow can look fantastic on the eye, as would a smudgy black liner and a sheer lip gloss. Light gilded lids can be achieved by trading in your glitter for a subtle shimmer eye shadow, apply from the crease down for a clean look.

Bright blush for winter:  Switch from powder to cream blush for an easy way to nail a soft, youthful look. Remember that with cream blush, a little goes a long way, so start lightly and build your color. A nice pop of color on the apples brings warmth and life to the face in way that no bronzer could accomplish in the dead of winter.

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