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Wear oversized clothes without drowning
January 6, 2015, 12:43 pm

Oversized clothes get a bad rap as the items you reach for days when you are tired, bummed out, self-conscious, or sick, it's a cliché to don that sweater/sack dress/boyfriend jean that you can disappear into. But, don't discount your biggies when you're feeling energetic, jazzed, confident, and happy, too. 

The difference between sad-and-baggy and rad-and-baggy is all about what pieces you are wearing your oversized pieces with. Here are the six most common oversized pieces, and ways to bring them out of your doldrum-day wardrobe. 

The oversized suit: There is something so cool about an oversized suit, and you don't have to be model-tall to pull it off. It's all about knowing where to strategically trim back. If you're shorter, try for a crop just at the ankle, taller girls can more easily get away with a longer length of pants. Keep the waist trim and the top cropped so you're not swimming in fabric from head to floor. Also, opt for a neutral colour; anything bigger and brighter can end up looking like pajamas. Accessories should be kept on the sleek side, and you can use this outfit choice to go wild with colourful necklaces, bracelets and rings.

The oversized sweater: Your go-to move might have been to wear your big, chunky sweaters in oatmeal colors with skinny jeans and booties. But, this time wear yours with loud-colored trousers that are oversized as well. The whole ensemble can appear very upbeat and fun.

Turtlenecks needn't be frumpy and if you choose an oversized one with weave and metallic threads, your style is very modern. You get bonus points if you mix different textures in your skirt and sweater.

Sometimes sweater dresses can look pretty shapeless and boring. Thankfully, the many types of flirty and bold patterns ensure the personality balances out the silhouette.

The oversized coat:  Whether oversized, puffy, and fuzzy or just vintage inspired, this winter wonder is colorful and statement-making — all while bringing major warmth.  The poodle coat in all its oversized, white fuzziness is a good selection to add glamour to your winter wear. Faux furriness takes on a sophisticated feel when paired with neutral accessories.

Alternatively, if your fashion style is monochromatic like all gray or black, throw on a cute, bright oversized coat to chase the gray away.

When you wear a big coat, you can go for a big pant, too. This big-on-big match-up looks surprisingly modern — just make sure your accessories are on the more delicate side.

The oversized scarf: An oversized scarf is an indispensable accessory. It functions as a neck shield, a makeshift hat, and an emergency shoulder-cover for when you didn't predict it would get that cold. When an actual blanket is out of reach, you can wrap yourself in one of these instead. Versatility aside, these accessories can make your outfit: a touch of plaid livens up a monochromatic look, while a simple, black scarf will tone down bright prints. Pick the right scarf, and every winter outfit instantly becomes that much cozier.

Furry scarves are a favorite trend all season, and you can use one to stylize your favorite loud sweater and on-trend jeans. 

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