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Wear metallics during the day
December 28, 2015, 1:00 pm

Metallics have this amazing ability to throw some shimmer on a going-out ensemble, but there is honestly no need for your metallic clothing items to be confined to your closet during the light of day. Whether you have an item of clothing with patent finishes, sparkly embellishments, or straight-up silver that traditionally call to mind a festive affair — you can create amazing outfits that are meant to be worn whenever you want.  Here are some ideas to create these any- metallic looks for an upcoming holiday or New Year party.

Metallic item as a showpiece:  Select a fabulous metallic item like a midi-length, pleated metallic skirt that can steal the spotlight in an outfit. Careful to choose a work-appropriate silhouette, but one with a bold fabric that can contribute to the impactful look.  Pair the clothing item with a more relaxed item and brandish the whole outfit with studded jewelry. Also, your footwear can play the best supporting role, for instance, chunky-heeled sock boots have a high glamor quotient.  

The brightness in your mens-wear:  For women who live in a uniform of trousers, tees, jackets, and loafers, this is the opportunity to upgrade a menswear-inspired ensemble by swapping in a bright metal tone for your jacket or blouse. The metallic edge works with any shade of neutral, and is more eye-catching. Plus, cobalt and silver is a popular color pairing. Moreover, a metallic jacket matched with shiny flats works especially well.

The entry-level:  An easy way to take the trend for a test run is by choosing pieces with metallic accents, such as a leather jacket with shiny, wide stripes. A monochrome pairing keeps the overall look simple: Here, the reflective blue hue perfectly jives with a matte navy skirt.

The pre- (or post-) party: A glittery sweater and brightly printed pants are ideal for a night out, and you will definitely make an impression when you attend the New Year party. To keep warm, a classic trench in a deep, neutral shade tones down the outfit's inherent party vibes, so you can wear it all day before your major evening plans.

The weave got this: Metallics can make just as strong of a statement when they are subtly woven into a garment as when they stand alone — case in point: a metallic embellished knit dress. By layering a second, solid sweater dress beneath it, the look becomes cozy, casual, with just a wink of shimmer. Shiny accents can continue to weave their way into a metallic knit outfit via studded stilettos that leave a memorable last impression.

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