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Ways to rock purple eye makeup
May 21, 2015, 5:55 pm

Purple eyeshadow is one of those bold eye makeup shades—and is definitely the fun party color to go for when you want a dramatic eye look. Not to say that you should only break it out for night time, there are so many shades to play with—lilac, plum, eggplant–to give your eyes ample opportunity for a beautiful violet gaze. Purple eye makeup is, in fact, perfect if you have brown eyes, since the contrast makes your eyes appear warmer and brighter in tone. Here is some makeup inspiration to get you using that one untouched shade in your eye palette.

Lazy girl's smokey eye: Use an eggplant shade and wash over the entire lid, as well as underneath. Black eyeliner on both waterlines gives you the slightest smudged effect, which is the whole aim for the lazy-girl look. Make no mistake though—as simple as it may be, this look reads much more sophisticated as a day or night look.

Pretty fairy-punk girl: A little bit fairy-punk but all the way art-chic, a wash of pale lilac on your upper eyelid with a charcoal black underline gives your eyes this cool punky look. The lavender keeps it from being too serious. Makeup is after all supposed to be fun.

Brilliant damsel:  The smokey eye is the obvious choice for a volume-up-to-11 look. What makes it way cooler is a vibrant metallic violet accent shade contrasted against the smokey black. Just blended in the inner corners of your eyes brings the focus right there. This isn't a look for the timid, since everyone will be looking you straight in the eyes.

Go vividly bold: Do not be afraid to mix bold colors—how can you resist when it looks so cool, like this eggplant/teal combo. The seamless blend is key here with a look like this, so bone up on your brushing skills.

Soft smokey eye: Possibly one of the more versatile ways to wear purple eyeshadow is with the soft smokey eye. The soft purple is the showcase without being outright "party purple" since black offers a way to shade it into subtlety.

Go Ombre crazy: This tropical sunset eyeshadow looks extra cool because of the crisp shape it's in. This takes an expert hand in blending followed by a careful shaping into the winged shape with a cotton swab dabbed ever so gently in makeup remover. It's worth the trouble though because just look at it.


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