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Ways to make your hair appear less greasy
October 24, 2016, 10:09 am

Oily hair is just like oily skin. Sometime that is just how it is and other times it is that way because of the habits we keep. If you feel that your hair is just too oily regardless, there are certain things you can do to keep the oil production under control. While these methods will help make locks less greasy in both short and long term, it is important to fully evaluate and understand your current habits so you know how to properly fix them. Here are eight steps you can take towards having balanced hair.

Only condition the ends: Applying conditioner all over can weigh hair down, resulting in oily roots. Instead of applying conditioner all over, just apply from the mid-shafts to the ends.

Use baby powder: If you prefer to go the old-fashioned route, opt for baby powder instead of dry shampoo. It will work the same way if you sprinkle some on your roots and rub it in. If you have dark hair and the baby powder causes too much of a white cast, just brush some bronzer onto your roots instead or mix the baby powder with cocoa.

Use dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is an obvious answer because it will not only suck up oil from your roots making your hair appear less greasy in the moment, but will also allow you to spend more time between washes which will make your hair less greasy in the long run.

Wash less often: Although it may sound unpleasant, washing less often is beneficial for your scalp and hair. Constant washing causes your scalp to be stripped of oils and in turn makes hair appear greasier. So if you have the habit of washing your hair every day, then try to take it down to every other day and if you are already doing that, then try every once in three days.

Balancing your brushing: Not brushing enough keeps natural oils from being distributed, and they just build up on the scalp. Over-brushing, on the other hand, can stimulate oil production. So just make sure to find a healthy balance for your hair.

Choose your products wisely: Make sure you do not use too many mousses and gels that can cause buildup. Also, try to avoid products that will make hair appear ‘shiny’ as these can make oily-prone hair appear greasier. If possible, cut out styling products altogether.

Try not to touch your hair: By touching your hair, we mean with your hands and face. This is because your fingertips and face both produce oil that can easily be transferred to your hair. Avoid playing with it or using styles that allow too much to touch your face.

Avoid straightening your hair: The more close your hair lies to your head, the more oil will it come in contact with. Curled hair gives a little more volume at the roots which keeps hair from becoming too oily too quickly.

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