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Watercolor makeup
October 6, 2016, 2:04 pm

The latest trend to make waves is called watercolor makeup, and is inspired by the light, feathery feel of watercolor paintings. The watercolor makeup look is all about sheer tints of color with a paint-like quality, where the makeup is layered and watery to create sheer transparent colors.   The beautiful thing about this up-and-coming trend is that you can rock the look pretty much anywhere. It projects a sweet and feminine quality, so it works for a lot of occasions. This fun style can be a great daytime look, evening face or even your Sunday brunch makeup.  To get makeup worthy of art, here is all you need to do. 

Step 1: Start with a fresh face. Having a watercolor finish is all about a light and airy feel, so you must begin with a clean canvas. Your best option is sheer foundation.

Step 2: Once you have applied your foundation (and concealer if you need it), start with your lips. To give your pucker a painterly feel, add a touch of color to them with a glossy lip stain or gloss.  Then, using your fingers, dab a touch of color to the cheeks using a cream blush. You can also use a creamy blush right in the center of the lip to create a beautiful and natural-looking pouty effect. 

Step 3: Next, you want to highlight the key features of your face. Apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose, the Cupid's bow and the inner corners of the eyes. Fun fact: You don't have to use a traditional highlighter. Actually, a rose gold eye shadow works even better for this look.

In order to increase the dimensional quality of the cheekbone structure, apply the blush higher on the cheekbone near the hairline, and brush a bit of bronzer across the jawline, cheeks and hairline. 

Step 4: When it comes to the eye makeup part of this look, get creative. As a base to your eye look, sweep a violet-pink blush across the lid and crease of your eyes, be sure to blend your crease up and out. The vibrant pigment of the blush will actually look very sheer, due to the lack of a neutral eye shadow base - which is exactly the look you're going for. Then, take an even lighter shade of blush and apply it to the crease, blending up and out. 

Step 5: In true watercolor fashion, this look isn't about staying in the lines. Then, apply the lighter blush slightly above the brows, and be sure to blend out any harsh lines.   When you try something this unique, you want to let people know you're doing it on purpose and are breaking the traditional rules.

Step 6: Now it's time to channel your inner painter, because you have to blend some serious colors. Start by adding a coral-orange blush to the top and bottom of the outer corner of your eye. Be sure to paint on the blush with a light and airy application. To illuminate the colorful shadow, use your finger and lightly dab on some slightly shimmery liquid eye shadow in a rose gold hue.  This will create a natural highlight on the eye, and make your eyes pop. 

Then, mix a small amount of setting spray with a blue eye shadow, so it is a little more watery. Using an angled precision brush, paint the blue shadow into a straight line through the crease of your eye (do not follow the natural arch). Take your favorite (soft) green shadow, and paint the outer two-thirds of the bottom lash line - being sure to blend, spreading it across the length of your eye. You should have zero harsh lines - like shades of water. 

Step 7: To clean up the look, dab concealer under your eyes and be sure to blend. Then, apply a smidge of liquid liner to the upper, outer corner of your eyes, and sweep on blue and purple mascara for extra oomph and fun. And voilà! You are officially a walking piece of art and a makeup trendsetter.


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