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Wataniya Launches Online Telecom Store for the First Time in Kuwait
May 6, 2014, 9:36 am

Wataniya Telecom, member of Ooredoo Group, announced today the launch of its complete online one-stop shop. Through this online store, customers can browse and purchase from a variety of devices as well as choose a plan that suits their needs. Wataniya Telecom is the first telecom service provider in Kuwait to launch an easy-to-use and efficient online store.

“We have launched this service because we want to give our customers the convenience of getting what they want in the comfort of the location they prefer,” says Riham Al-Ayyar, Head of Communications and Customer Experience at Wataniya Telecom. With the new online store, customers can browse, research, compare offers and make their purchase via KNet at the time and place of their choice. This online store has a delivery service that works 7 days a week.

When customers access the website, they can choose the device they want and couple it with either a prepaid or a postpaid plan.

“We believe in customization; there is no single plan that fits everyone.  That’s why we like to give our customers options and let them choose the one that fits their needs,” explains Al-Ayyar.

The collection offered boasts the latest and most-demanded smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, Galaxy 5S, Galaxy Note 3, Nokia Lumia and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

New customers can purchase Gold Plus and Royal numbers during checkout with the postpaid or prepaid plan, while existing customers can upgrade their current plans. Customers can also purchase from Wataniya’s flexible internet plans. There will be special deals exclusively for the online store customers.

In addition to tablets, smartphones, voice and data plans, the online store offers accessories & routers too, all of which can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. The store can be accessed at

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