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Warning to remove Apple’s QuickTime for Windows
April 25, 2016, 2:32 pm

The Department of Homeland Security in the US has issued a warning to remove Apple’s QuickTime for Windows because of two security flaws in the software that were raised by security firm Trend Micro. The department said that since Apple has ended support for QuickTime for Windows, there will be no patches for these flaws and computers running QuickTime are open to increased risk of malicious attack or data loss and remote attackers could take control of a victim's computer system. 

Apple has not discontinued security updates for QuickTime on Apple computer systems. It is not clear why Apple made the decision to end Windows support.

Experts say it was odd that Apple did not issue a public statement about ending its support for QuickTime for Windows and that the software was still available for download. Apple has only posted a link that instructs users how to remove QuickTime for Windows.

QuickTime joins a growing list of software that is not supported any longer, including Microsoft Windows XP and Oracle Java 6, which means users of those operating systems increasingly will be vulnerable to attack.

The warnings come amid a spate of recent reports about computer system vulnerabilities, including one issued just days ago about a vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player that could leave computers open to ransomware, which can lock up entire systems until an attacker is paid to release control.

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