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Want to earn money while you study? Consider becoming a tutor
May 11, 2015, 4:31 pm

If you like teaching and know your university subject well, tutoring could be a good way to make money.

Perhaps it seems like an easy gig, bestowing your knowledge onto a younger generation for more cash and fewer aches than you would get from working in a restaurant. But tutoring can be tough to get into, so how can students make it work for them?

Going It Alone

Without teaching experience, it can be difficult to get started in the world of tutoring. It is a really good earner and perfect if you are doing a time intensive course as you earn more than you would per hour doing something like waitressing.

But there are downsides. The tutoring industry has gone a little crazy – there are so many jobs for such young kids who really should be out playing in the park. It is an industry that has grown up out of a lack of school places. Competition for schools and universities is high – most of the requests tutors get are for 11+ and entrance exam practice.

For those looking to redress the balance, some organizations take on volunteer student tutors, and universities often provide opportunities for students to get involved in outreach programmes.

A barrier to agency work is a lack of training for inexperienced tutors. Agencies often take a hefty commission, but they are not so keen on giving any guidance or support.

Joining an Organization

Another route into tutoring, which is less lucrative but perhaps more structured, is to join organizations that teache groups of children after school or during the holidays, which provide tuition in math and English for youngsters.

At such organizations, employees receive mentoring and training, and have the opportunity to get involved in sales and marketing or workshops in schools. Many students use the role as a stepping stone to teaching or social work. Student tutors should look out for strong communication skills, a positive and professional manner, confidence, gumption and initiative.

Tutoring also requires high energy levels since the children come from a wide variety of backgrounds with varying educational needs.

Online Tutoring

There is an easier way to tutor, however, without even having to leave your home. You could teach math and computer science through websites –a forum where students meet tutors in a virtual classroom and share documents, write, type and draw via a webcam and shared interactive whiteboard.

As an online tutor, dismiss any notion that the online format is less conducive to study: It immerses you as if you are with the student, although, the whiteboard set up is more suitable 

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