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WFK organizes an evening of literary discourse
November 28, 2016, 12:37 pm

“The Writers’ Forum to me, resembles a flower vase—adorning flowers of all colours and shapes and yet, each one so very beautiful and unique,” said Sayeed Nazar Kadpavi – a well-known Urdu poet, in his Presidential remarks at the monthly meeting of The Writers’ Forum, Kuwait (WFK) held on November 25, at the residence of Nazneen Ali. 

Sabiha Bilgrami, who writes poetry and prose in Hindi and English, was the Chief Guest for the evening. The ambience was sparkling with literary quips, comments and discussions, as the members of WFK met this month and shared their original works in varied Indian languages. The first session comprised the story/article reading session and Dr. Navniit Gandhi read her story: A Punjabi in Kerala, in English. A new member who has joined the WFK—Preeti Rajgolikar and who writes in Sanskrit, read an article titled: Let us Walk Together.

In the second session, beautiful and stirring poetry flowed for about an hour and half, as the members regaled with their unique styles and emotions, woven into words. Rajesh Verlekar recited his poem in English, and Syed Qamar Minto, Shakeel Jamshedpuri, Shabi and Sabir Galsulkar recited in Urdu. The President of WFK- Umesh Sharma, Dr. Navniit Gandhi, Neeti Joshi and Nazneen Ali recited in Hindi, while Preeti Rajgolikar recited in Sanskrit and Ameeruddin Ameer read his poem in Kannada. Other attendees included Ms. Mateen, Mr. Ali (husband of Nazneen Ali) and Mr. Milind Rajgolikar, who too joined in the literary discussions, reciting the verses of some eminent poets of India.

Towards the end of the session, the Chief Guest- Sabiha Bilgrami read her poem in Hindi and also expressed encouraging remarks at everyone’s presentation. The President for the evening- Sayeed Nazar Kadpavi then presented his poem in Urdu and expressed his pride and joy at being a member of a truly unique entity that WFK is.

The WFK is in its 21st year of working, and probably one of its own kind where the members can express himself or herself in, listen to and appreciate the beauty of all Indian languages. Meeting was concluded with thanks to the host Mr. Ali and Mrs. Nazneen Ali.

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