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Voters backing strong candidates to protect people's gains
November 23, 2016, 11:04 am

Kuwaitis are preparing to go to the ballots on Saturday to choose their representatives for a new parliament after the National Assembly was dissolved by an Amiri Decree earlier in October. Most voters say they are for democratic candidates who are keen to maintain citizens’ and the nation’s interests and who are strong enough to protect people’s rights and gains and express their hopes and expectations for a better future under the dome of Abdullah Al-Salem Hall; such nominees would be the best choice.

"For them, the freedom of speech dominating the scene in Kuwait has helped them remarkably identify the points of strength and weakness in the candidates, and to make the right decision in three days’ time. Amid the decline in some services in the country, some candidates believe that criticizing the government bring them support," Physician Amira Amer told KUNA.

"They give people loose promises and adopt empty slogans, playing on feelings and emotions, she added. Such approach by a candidate could impress some voters, who interact with him, through the social networking, for instance. Still, it is all mere rhetoric, they need to turn into deeds, actions speak louder than words," she stressed.

"It is noticed that as the polling say is approaching, nominees get more vehement and escalate criticism of the government’s performance, in what could be viewed as eleventh hour attempts to lure voters," she said. She also urged people to select their future MPs according to criteria of efficiency and sincerity, as 'loud voices and empty slogans' do not necessary reflect credibility and integrity.

Amer intends to support new comers’ into the election arena, or nominees who are running for MP for the first time, to give them the opportunity to serve the nation and achieve the aspired reforms. She voiced disappointment with the performance of many MPs in the past, who let people down after they trusted them.

A citizen, Sadeq Mansour, said that what attracts him to a candidate is the issues he adopts on his manifesto, especially vital ones such as countering corruption.

A category of voters go for candidates who lash out at the government, out of a belief that it would bring them popularity among the electorate. Others prefer ones who tell the truth and positively criticize failures, with offered evidence to substantiate their claims.

People will vote for strong candidates who would work for people’s rights and interests, apart from personal interests, he said. For university student, Hussein Karam, criticizing the government has been an easy, yet effective means, to secure some voters’ support, even when criticism is baseless.

Certain candidates play on people’s emotions to win supporters, addressing vital issues of concern to them and offering solutions, that mostly proves ‘vain’ in the future, he said. Karam prefers a candidate who is frank and sincere, tackling real problems of concern to the people, even if this happens through a politically aggressive approach, with no false accusations of others.

He urged would-be MPs to be honest to the voters who offered them their confidence, and to be their voice at the Assembly, considering their views in future legislations or laws. 

Source: KUNA

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