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Villa Fayrouz
August 28, 2016, 9:54 am

Washed in beautiful natural woods and flooded with natural light, the main hall is decked out in all Middle Eastern splendors; with intricately carved wooden beams and Moorish-style motifs adorning its ceilings. With the quality of the food here, it is hard not to be floored by its numerous signatures. Their Eggplant Musakaa hits all the right notes in terms of flavors; slightly sour, a little bit sweet, and accompanied by the smooth creamy texture of the eggplant. Villa Fayrouz transforms everyday dishes into outstanding works of culinary art that exude finesse.

Popular dish: Grilled Shish Taouk

Location: The Avenues or Shaab Al Bahary. Call 2265 2030.

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