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Viking Club holds fun run
March 30, 2014, 3:45 pm

The Viking Club of the Radisson Blu Hotel held one of its first Fun Run for 2014 Saturday morning. More than hundred runners, mostly members of the club and invited guests, participated in the two kilometers run, which started from an open space in Messilah. 

Director of Recreations, Ivan Tsenkov commented that the fun runs organized by the health club of the hotel aims to raise awareness among members and the public about the importance of exercise and living healthy.  He further added that the number of runners has increased in the passing years and he hopes that the distance will increase in coming runs.

The fun run ended on the pool side of the hotel, where buffet breakfast was served prepared by the Executive Chef David Harnois and his team. Winners of the fun run were Greg Ziembiski and Helen Searle in the Women and Men categories, Second place winners were John Britto and Reem Ahmad and in Third place were Cristi Craita and Rasha Mohtaseeb.

The Children Category winners were Bradley Merg in first place, Tor Lambert in second place and Imogen Lambert in third place. Winners received medals and vouchers from the Radisson Blu Hotel. General Manager of the hotel, Philippe Pelaud expressed his gratitude to all participants and winners of the fun run and invites more people to join the next event.

 - Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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