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Vietnam embassy holds Food and Household exhibition
December 19, 2015, 9:51 am

The Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Kuwait H.E. Nguyen Hong Thao along with representatives from the embassy opened the first exhibition of Vietnamese Food and Household items on 17 December at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds in Mishref. The event marked the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Kuwait.

Bakheet Al-Rashidi, Chairman and CEO of Kuwait Petroleum International, was the special guest at the function, which was also attended by ambassadors of ASEAN and the Indian Ambassador H.E. Sunil Jain in addition to prominent business personalities. The exhibition is open from 17 - 28 December, 2015. 

In his opening speech, Ambassador Thao touched on the close relationship between Vietnam and Kuwait, particularly in terms of trade and economic relations. “We are pleased to see that more and more Kuwaiti people are using products made in Vietnam,” said the ambassador. He added, “There are still many opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors of the two countries to cooperate and do business together. And we believe that trade promotion will help bring our two countries and people closer.” 

Different booths in the exhibition displayed a wide variety of food items such as various spices, grains, snacks and sweets. The main imports from Vietnam to Kuwait were also showcased at the exhibition, including high-quality organic food items, dried shrimps, pepper and cashew. The frozen section featured Vietnamese fish, which has tended to dominate world markets in recent years.

Among the household items on sale were an assortment of cutlery, decorative kitchenware and other furnishings. The highlight of the exhibition was the handmade art section that allowed visitors a glimpse of Vietnam’s culture and artistry and the talents of its artisans. Table cloths, wooden carvings, and artistic pottery decorated in vibrant colors were charming addition as was the beautiful traditional paintings and colorful puppets.

The exhibition attracted a large group of Kuwaitis and expatriates who browsed the stalls with interest and sampled the delicacies of Vietnam, such as dried jackfruit and Vietnam coffee prepared in the Arabic style.

In addition to playing a vital role in encouraging the sale of Vietnamese products, the exhibition helped visitors delve more into the background of the country and helped promote further cooperation between Kuwait and Vietnam.

By staff report


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