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Venalthanima 2014 winds-up with a colourful finale
June 18, 2014, 2:12 pm

The three day sleep away summer camp VENALTHANIMA 2014 organized under the auspices of THANIMA, flagged off successfully and colourfully with over 100 campers both juniors & seniors participating in it allaying their anxiety and appeasing their curiosity to know the world around.

The Venalthanima summer camp provided a real respite from the din of urbanity and drumbeat of academic routines taking the students to a world of cultural sensitivity, accountability, integrity, teamwork, responsibility and respect. The three day camp took place in a secure environment of Kabd encompassing the serene natural beauty charioted by the all-round professional trainer cum consultant and author of more than 30 books – Mr.  Varghese Paul - a man of simple living and high thinking,  and strong in his ideals and ethics. The campers were categorized into juniors and seniors led by the chief trainer followed by his vibrant and lively sessions on Leadership and Personality development emphasizing the essence of becoming a ‘Better You’.

There were also energizing sessions by Babuji Bathery, Camp Director throwing off the importance of Media and Education.

The campers learnt about being part of a community and to cope with temporary separation from their parents indulging and involving themselves large-heartedly chipping off their might in a variety of ice-breakers, adventurous activities, games, talk shows etc.,  preceded  by lively musical enthrallers, swimming sessions etc.,led by Shaiju Pallipuram, Prathapan and D.K. Dileep.

The final day saw the  responsible campers stealing the show mastering the stage with camper Rahul Rajendran presiding the function, Venalthanima General convener Lalu Mathew inaugurating the function and the dias was decked with the presence of Vargheese Paul, Rahunanathan Nair, B.P. Nasser, Ambika Mukundan  and campers’ representative Alma Achu Jins. Camp Director, Babuji Batheri briefed about the essence, aims, relevance and achievements of the Camp. Meenakshi and Neethu shared their experience in the camp. The camp report & evaluation was presented by Group representatives - Binitha Thomas, Jovita Joseph, Saira Saji and Feba .‘Document’ covering the three day activities until the inaugural program was released by Johney Kunnil, Sanish George & Maju Karipal. Geomon received the first copy.

Lamia D'cruz,& Rahul Rajendran  were selected as best campers (seniors), Nebin Alex and Michelle Manoj were selected as best campers (juniors) to receive Thanima’s trophies. Varghese Paul was honoured with a memento, presented to him by Somu Mathew.

Prior to the closing ceremony, there was a special session for the parents by Varghese Paul, which was highly useful, informative and appreciated by all the participants.  The closing ceremony ended off successfully with a perfect amalgam of variety entertainers, with the unstinting support and co-operation of parents, well-wishers, the whole buoyant team of Thanima including Penn Thanima members making the Venalthanima sleepaway camp a memorable one.
Campers Nourin Khadeeja, Cherryn Bejoy compered the programs.

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