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Vehicles with speed cameras to capture traffic violations
January 9, 2019, 3:43 pm

Eighteen new patrol cars equipped with mobile speed cameras started active duty according to Operations Director at the Traffic Department Col Yousuf Al-Khaddah. He pointed out that these cars will ensure motorists obey the speed limits.

The Director of Operations Department at General Traffic Department Colonel Yousef Al-Khudah highlighted to the media about the Point-to-Point (P2P) system which checked the speed and distance traveled by a moving car, and calculated the time taken. If a car is found to have taken a shorter time than the average time evaluated based on the specified distance and speed limit, then the vehicle will be judged to have violated the traffic law, and its number plates will be photographed.

Colonel Al-Khudah revealed that the P2P system will come into force on 20 January on Abdali Road.

Major General Al-Sayegh stressed the eagerness of the General Traffic Department to upgrade the systems with the latest technology in order to provide the necessary protection for road users and control the traffic with the aim to minimize traffic accidents.

He mentioned that the increase in cameras has helped to reduce the number of traffic accidents in 2018 by six percent compared to the previous year. Major General Al-Sayegh also highlighted that there have not been any serious accidents on Nuwaiseeb Road in 2018.

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