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Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world
February 14, 2015, 3:05 pm

It's been said that this day on one of those that brings out the best -- and worst -- of our consumerist culture. Here's a look at how people from around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A couple kiss during a kissing contest on Valentine's Day in Jinan, Shandong province. Some 40 couples attended the contest and the winners were awarded a diamond ring and a monetary reward of 214 yuan ($34), according to local media.

Protesters hold banner reading "Smash Valentine's Day" as they shout slogans during a march at Tokyo's Shibuya shopping and amusement district. The members of the group known as Kakuhidou, or "we are not attractive to the other sex", gathered and marched on Saturday against what they called the "chocolate capitalists' blood-soaked plot to victimize consumers."

Indian shoppers examine roses for sale at a roadside stall on Valentine's Day in Siliguri.

Romantic messages are displayed on padlocks attached to a railing at a viewpoint overlooking the Seoul city skyline.

Couples take part in an event promoted as the world's longest dance marathon contest in the Thai city of Pattaya.

Lebanese girls take a selfie as they shop for Valentine's day gifts in the predominantly Shiite Muslim southern suburbs of Beirut.

A man shops for gifts on Valentine's Day at the Karrada neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq.


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